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Enjoy a journey to Northern Italy and experience Piedmont like never before with

an exclusive 4 night stay in our 4* San Giovanni Hotel and Resort that is located in Saluzzo,

a personal driver and a host of cultural and exciting activities that can only be done in Piedmont!

600 € per couple / per day

420 € per person / per day

Each trip can be customised to guests' preferences



 4 nights in our 4* San Giovanni Hotel and Resort

Relax and unwind in our luxurious Hotel and Resort, located in Saluzzo.

Breakfast is included for each morning of your stay

Dinner at our Castellana Restaurant

Indulge in two dinners at the fine-dining restaurant, Castellana, that is located within the hotel, excluding wine

 Your own personal chauffeur

You will be picked up upon arrival and also dropped off back to Milano airport.

Your chauffeur will be available each day of your trip from 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

Truffle hunting experience

Spend the morning with a professional truffle hunter who will take you on your own truffle hunting tour

and visit Tartuflanga, the most prestigious truffle product developer

 Visit the famous vineyards and Cantinas of Piedmont

Enjoy a trip to a vineyard and Cantina to experience how the King of wine, Barolo, is harvested, aged and bottled


A visit to Torino

Spend the day in the city of Torino!

Enjoy the cultural attractions, shopping and cuisine that Torino has to offer.

A visit to Saluzzo

Take a trip to the historical sites in the city of Saluzzo, Manta and Revello

Extra - Professional English-speaking tour guide - 250 €

Local hand-crafted beer tour and mountain trekking - 250 €

Enjoy a tour of the local hand-crafted beer producer, Kauss, as well as trekking in the Piedmontese mountains

and dining at a local trattoria for lunch to gain your energy back

For all enquiries:

Please email to

or WhatsApp to +852 9853 8271


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