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Guests must request for the Chef's table when making their reservation 


The Chef's Table at Castellana offers guests a unique and immersive culinary experience. Seated on the Upper Ground floor of our restaurant, not only will guests have the opportunity to witness the magic that happens, but will also be personally served and introduced to the dishes and ingredients by our Chef, Romeo Morelli, and his team


Whilst seated at our Chef's Table, you are able to enjoy the exclusive Chef's Signature Menu, specially curated for the occasion



Hailing from the Piedmont region, Chef Romeo Morelli has always been passionate about the art of cuisine. Inspired by his father, who was also a chef, Chef Romeo has been using his own experiences and influences to continuously improve his culinary skills over the years - from Abu Dhabi to Stuttgart and now, Hong Kong.


Chef Romeo has worked in numerous kitchens of prestige hotels across the globe, making him well-established on the international scene. Before arriving in Hong Kong, the nostalgic rolling hills of Piedmont brought him home to work at the 5-star establishment, Relais San Maurizio, collaborating with his mentor, one MICHELIN-starred chef Luca Zecchin - a Master of Modern Piedmontese cuisine.


At Castellana, Chef Romeo brings his own Piedmontese-style twist to traditional and authentic dishes,

in order to showcase his region’s rich flavours and dynamic culinary culture.

Get to know Chef Romeo and his team on another level - only at the Chef's Table!

Guests must request for the Chef's table when making their reservation

Only the Chef's Signature Menu is available at the Chef's Table

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