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 A la carte 

Available Tuesday - Friday; Saturday & Sunday Dinner time



Chicken soup with spinach and egg yolk pasta - HKD 198

River prawn  tartare crispy head and bisque - HKD 288

Lobster salad with caviar - HKD 380

Zucchini flower  filled with anchovies - HKD 288


Seared Bluefin tuna with stuffed Datterino tomato and crispy kale - HKD 488

Veal tongue with smoked potatoes - HKD 588

Fassona veal tenderloin with mushroom and Parmesan sauce - HKD 688

Alaskan King crab with cauliflower cream - HKD 680


One-year aged Carnaroli risotto  with Porcini mushroom - HKD 328

Homemade "plin" ravioli filled with capon and Parmesan sauce - HKD 328

Homemade "angel hair" pasta   with Japanese sea urchin and hazelnut - HKD 498

Homemade "bottoni" ravioli filled with Brittany Blue lobster - HKD 598


Tiramisu with moka soil, coffee, Marscapone and homemade cocoa biscuit - HKD 148

Selection of Piedmontese cheese HKD 288

Montebianco  with Chestnuts, whipped cream and peach gel - HKD 128

Selection of gelato and sorbet  -  HKD 98

Prices are subject to a 10% service charge

Note that menus are subject to slight change due to seasonality and product availability 

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