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We take great pride in presenting "Giovanni Sordo Barolo Wine Dinner", available on the 28th May Tuesday.


This exclusive event brings together the talents of Executive Chef Romeo Morelli and Director of Wine Alan Tse, offering a remarkable showcase of Piedmont cuisine paired with a selection of premium wines from the esteemed Giovanni Sordo winery. Joining as a special guest speaker is Ms. Elisa Rabino, Export Director, adding to the allure of this exceptional occasion.


Sordo Winery, located in the beautiful Langhe hills of Italy's Barolo region, has gained a remarkable reputation for its exceptional production of Barolo wines. With a long-standing tradition of winemaking, the Sordo family has carefully crafted a collection of eight individual Barolo cru wines, each showcasing a distinctive style and expressing the unique qualities of its respective vineyard.


The family's vineyard holdings span 53 hectares in the renowned areas of Barolo and Roero, with Roero being the source of their esteemed Langhe Bianco wine.Giovanni Sordo has been recognized by connoisseurs as one of the most captivating traditional producers in the Langhe hills. Although not widely known in some markets, the family's dedication to acquiring prime vineyard land over the past century has proven to be a brilliant choice, particularly in the era of single cru wines. The eight crus cultivated by Sordo, including Gabutti, Perno, Villero, Monvigliero, Rocche di Castiglione, Parussi, Ravera, and the legendary Monprivato, are all esteemed as "Grand Cru" sites.

Despite the natural evolution and occasional fluctuations in quality that come with a long-established winery, Sordo Winery is currently experiencing a period that is poised to produce its most exceptional wines. By employing meticulous winemaking techniques and allowing each cru to express its unique character, Sordo Winery ensures that their Barolos age gracefully and deliver outstanding quality.


Oberto's Fassona Tenderloin; served with a Parmesan cheese sauce and Shiitake mushrooms

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