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Lying between the border of France and Switzerland, Piedmont's climate provides perfect conditions for fresh goods, truffles and wine; therefore providing a truly unique take on Italian cuisine, by focusing on creating a richer, fully embodied flavour.

Castellana sets itself apart as the sole restaurant in Hong Kong with a focus on showcasing Piedmontese cuisineNestled in the heart of Central within Club Lusitano, Executive Chef Romeo Morelli and his team offer a contemporary take on Piedmontese dishes, featuring updated presentation while retaining the authentic flavours of the Northern Italian region. This culinary approach mirrors the dynamic and diverse nature of Piedmont's gastronomic scene, making Castellana a pure representation of the region's rich flavours.


Hailing from the Piedmont region, Executive Chef Romeo Morelli has always been passionate about the art of cuisine. Inspired by his father, who was also a chef, he has gone on to work in kitchens of prestige hotels across the globe, making him well-established on the international scene - from Abu Dhabi to Stuttgart and now, Hong Kong.


Before arriving in Hong Kong, the nostalgic rolling hills of Piedmont brought him home to work at the 5-star establishment, Relais San Maurizio, collaborating with his mentor, one MICHELIN-starred chef Luca Zecchin -

a Master of Modern Piedmontese cuisine.

At Castellana, Chef Romeo infuses traditional and authentic dishes with his own style, highlighting the rich flavours and dynamic culinary culture of his region.

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