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Piedmont MeetsThe South: Chapter One 
Four Hands Dinner
Chef Pasquale Russo x Chef Romeo Morelli 
Friday 19th May 2023


Lobster Catalana

poached lobster with tomato, red onions and balsamic vinegar

 Damilano Brut - Metado Classico N.V.

Ricotta cheese foam

with sea urchin, oysters, soy beans and plankton

Feudo Maccari, Olli DOC 2021



Red Grouper soup
with bisque and Mediterranean seafood

Villa Matilde, Aglianico Campostantano IGT 2014



Homemade squid ink "tagliolini" pasta
served with a squid ragù and parsley sauce

Pietracupa, Fiano DOCG 2018



Fassona veal tenderloin
with mushroom and Parmesan cheese sauce

I custodi, Aetnus, Etna Rossa 2015



sorbet and lemon cream

CadGal, Lumine Moscato D'Asti 2021



6 course menu with wine pairing - HKD 1780

Prices are subject to a 10% service charge

Enjoy the flavours of Northern and Southern Italy in an exclusive culinary collaboration between Chef Romeo Morelli and Chef Pasquale Russo


Chef Pasquale, hailing from Naples, brings the bold flavours of the South to Castellana, introducing dishes with a coastal touch such as "poached red grouper served with bisque and Mediterranean seafood" and "homemade squid ink tagliolini served with squid ragù and parsley sauce", whilst Chef Romeo boasts the unmistakable Northern cuisine that can only be Piedmontese, including his well-loved "Fassona veal tenderloin", served with shiitake mushroom and Parmesan cheese sauce and "tomato soup" made with Datterino tomatoes and Burrata cheese

Be sure to inform us when making your reservation that you will be enjoying the four hands dinner

North meets South Chapter One Four Hands Dinner Chef Pasquale Russo x Chef Romeo Morelli F
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