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7th, 8th & 9th April 2023


RIVER PRAWN tartare, crispy head and bisque


POACHED EGG with hazelnut crumble & asparagus pureé



FARFALLE pasta with cream & Ikura trout eggs




TAGLIOLINI angel hair pasta with Japanese white sea urchin & hazelnut

add HKD 388



IBERICO PORK fillet glazed with honey & mustard, with crispy black cabbage



SEARED BLUEFIN TUNA served with a stuffed Datterino tomato with crispy kale

add HKD 188



UOVA DI PASQUA classic Easter chocolate egg petit four

BIGNOLA homemade pastry filled with Gianduja chocolate


4 courses - 680 HKD

Free-flow of Piedmontese bubbles, red and white - 480 HKD

Please note that prices are subject to a 10% service charge

Free flow duration is 1.5 hours 

Please note that menus are subject to slight change due to seasonality and product availability

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