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Castellana Classics

Caldo-morbido di topinambour 
Soft, warm Jerusalem artichoke foam, Fontina cheese and crispy roots
Pensa ad un gambero
Prawn tartare served with crispy head and bisque - add HKD 98
* * *
La Mantovana
Roasted pumpkin soup topped with seeds and sprouts
* * *
Tajarin uni e nocciole
Angel hair pasta served with Japanese white sea urchin and hazelnut
* * *
Fassona all'uva
Fassona beef seared and served on a bed of grapes
* * *
Il bacio
Piedmontese kiss; hazelnut biscuits filled with 70% dark chocolate

5 Courses - HKD 1380
Please note that prices are subject to a 10% service charge



Please note that menus are subject to slight change due to product availability and seasonality

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